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I have captivated all of my friends and family for many years with my dating and daily life stories. Thus, this blog is my opportunity to share these amusing and ridiculous anecdotes with anyone who is interested, bored with their life, passing time or just has the awesome, shit ass luck to run upon it by chance. If nothing else, you will be entertained…start with March 20 "You will be entertained….too good to make up."

My drug infested smashing recollection….welcome to 2014!

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I had a smashing recollection recently about how much nicer a crowd is on Ecstasy (or what they term Molly now) versus people who are tripping.  I was in New Orleans seeing one of my favorite bands and apparently the crowd was taking a lot of acid and mushrooms among other substances I presume.  I know this because both were offered to me and I declined several times.  When I was merely reading the back of a guy’s shirt his girlfriend or wife, who knows or frankly cares, came out of nowhere and literally punched me (HARD) in the face. Now I have never been hit (thankfully!) but lucky for her I was quite happy myself (not due to either of the substances mentioned above) but it was quite a shock.  I thought my cheekbone was broken.  I was actually too stunned and in too much pain to even deal with her but did find security to get an ice pack. Thank god for ice! No bruising and barely any swelling – just a bit painful to smile the next day.

The following night my friends pointed the nut job out to me and I went up and introduced myself to this should-be-Jerry-Springer-guest in her tie-dye shirt.  Incredibly, she had absolutely zero recollection of the incident.  Deadpan blank look on her face when I told her that she had punched me in the face the night before. I asked her blond friend if she remembered me  – she somberly nodded yes.  Whereas the jealous freak show had no emotion. So what could I do? I introduced myself, told her that her reaction was pretty much wayyyyy out of line.  Yup, well she thereafter offered to buy me a drink….ahhh yes New Orleans.  And that night the crowd was on “Molly” and much happier and friendlier to be around I might add.  Although I can’t believe people that age – we’ll call it an older crowd mostly late 40s, well into their 50s and up still do that shit. I felt young and people were happy so whew is about all I can say!

New Orleans is such a great town. Where else can you get Jambalaya at 4am? And live music too. And a cowboy….Image

People are generally friendly, food is fantastic, go-cups for booze….I got hit on by a 22 year old who I met on the plane, dear Evan, and then a very cute 30 year old.  Despite the punch, or in spite of it, it was good for the ego. There’s also just such great people watching…as my friend said – this guy was right up my alley…


Inspiring signage as well…


And in NYC we have both. He did remind me of the marketing campaigns I saw in SF…I love honesty.


And inspiration…in all forms…



I haven’t written since I got back from my world trip….mainly because I had to get through the holidays and because it’s tough being back in NYC. And freezing!!! It’s like a cold Middle East where you can only see the eyes of strangers on the streets as you brave the wind.

The rest of the world journey and end of 2013 was semi-uneventful but Lisbon was the perfect end to my journey. It was my last stop. Port was drank, castles seen, pastries eaten and I managed to hike about 6 castles in two days. I made friends with my wonderful cab driver, Manuel, and even ended up driving his taxi when he was too nervous in the dark. Thankfully I can drive a stick.  The trip certainly kicked my ass in shape but I must admit that by the end I was tired of packing and unpacking my ever-growing bags.  I was happy to come home, see Hugo and sleep in my own bed for a few days before facing the fam.

The last day, albeit it quite cold, provided a spectacular ending to my 60 days around the world…..



And now into a new year, with hopefully new, wonderful experiences and people…and maybe back to SF…ImageImage


One thought on “My drug infested smashing recollection….welcome to 2014!

  1. What an experience in New Orleans! I’m so sorry you got hit by this bizarre woman. Looking forward to your return to SF. Take care, -Yvonne

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