Weird Shit Velcro – Stories About Navigating The Human Landscape

I have captivated all of my friends and family for many years with my dating and daily life stories. Thus, this blog is my opportunity to share these amusing and ridiculous anecdotes with anyone who is interested, bored with their life, passing time or just has the awesome, shit ass luck to run upon it by chance. If nothing else, you will be entertained…start with March 20 "You will be entertained….too good to make up."

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Good vibes…and the GNN…

When I came up with the name of this blog it was because I do generally have “weird” things happen to me on a regular basis but things usually turn out ok in the end.  It’s just often a long windy, often semi-frustrating, road to get there.  I am throwing it out there that from here on out it’s only going to be GREAT weird shit (Greatshitvelcro…hum…a thought!). I am a bit superstitious but I feel like the fact that I have now thrown this name out into the universe I am having even more unusual experiences on a constant basis. That said, as you may have read, my wallet was stolen Friday night. The Dutchy had her wallet stolen on Monday on the subway and a girl I recently met walked out to her car on Tuesday and this is what she saw….Image

That takes some serious effort!  None of us have ever been robbed before – EVER!  Now looking on the bright side, they didn’t steal her car. I got my wallet back with my driver’s license and the Dutchy managed to cancel everything before too much got charged on her cards. I like to believe that things happen in 3s so we are done! And, as an evident side note, clearly crime is on the rise in NYC.

Tonight I stopped by Trip’s house, the trip tank as we call it, and Sophie the psychic (alias the Dutchy as you should know by now) was already there. We were discussing how we are all constantly bombarded with bad news but no one has ever created a “good news network” – GNN.  Often, all one sees, reads and hears about is bad news.  While these events are newsworthy and obviously important, given the overwhelming amount of truly crazy events that occur everyday all over the world why not promote good things that are occurring and change the mindset of what people find entertaining instead of providing ideas for would-be criminals?  I often feel like today the news provides information for would-be and plotting criminals to execute their plans or figure out how to make guns, bombs and other weapons. Why does the media promote this information? It is very frustrating to me. I know that if there’s a will there’s a way but we should be making it harder not easier for these nut jobs!

The three of us are passionate about the idea of a good news network (GNN) where programming includes people having fun and engaging in different types of social good around the globe. It can include social entrepreneurship but also those having a raging time in Ibiza or Antigua, hiking in the Alps or race car driving in Europe.  Promoting and exemplifying how good life can be and what many are doing with their time to better the world in some way, I think, would  truly start to change the mindset of what people find entertaining. And maybe what  young people who specifically seem to be heavily influenced my modern media (social and other), utilize as an outlet.    Somehow that conversation led to talk about the lottery tonight which was….Image

So the three of us picked numbers and the Dutchy and I went to buy tickets. We were too late to buy for tonight’s PowerBall but we still bought for MegaMillions and the next PowerBall. It occurred to me afterward that why aren’t all the people in the world who claim to be psychic or super-intuitive or tuned-in playing the lottery and winning??  Isn’t that sort of a no brainer? I’m just saying that if I was psychic I would definitely play!  I currently play all the time in fact. And, I have always said that I don’t need to win big. I just need a piece. I think 10 million would be great. I’m not greedy. I don’t need 100. 10 or even 5 would be life changing. I am happy to split with others….i just need a piece. Fingers crossed on that one.

On a great note, I have decided to sublet a place in Sausalito for three weeks in May and am very excited! It all happened very quickly and serendipitously last week.  Even though spring is trying to spring here in NYC, I am excited to wake up and look at the water, make some new friends, see some old and start figuring out what my next life steps are! I saw the following on my walk home tonight….things that made me smile….Image


Happy almost spring in NYC!!  Go away pickpockets!!